Why is pest control important in food safety?

Most businesses would prefer to have their premises pest-free. Pests are an annoyance and their presence makes an establishment look less professional; or even scary. Nobody wants to stare at a large white-tailed spider in the corner of the room!

Having few or no pests is ideal for many businesses. But for food safety, pest control is essential. Without thorough, proper pest control, a business in the food industry won’t be in business for long.

Food establishments have a strict pest policy

There are several laws and legislation about food safety and pests. One of these is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). This is an internationally-recognised system of food safety codes and standards to keep food safe during every critical point of the process. Some of these points include storage, transport, and food processing.

Pest Control and Food Regulations 2015

Another important set of legislation comes from the Food Regulations of 2015. You can find a full list of all regulations about pest control for food safety in the full Food Regulations 2015 text. Some of these include:

  • Regular inspections for pests
  • Actions taken to remove pests when they are found or evidence of them is found (mice droppings, etc.)
  • A plan and procedures to control pests for food safety.

Pests are defined as “rodents, insects, and other animals that are likely to make food unsafe or unsuitable”. So an occasional spider or fly popping in away from food areas isn’t cause for alarm. But an infestation can be quite serious.

Proper pest control is essential for food safety

Since pest control is required by law as part of food safety, it’s essential to make sure that it gets done properly. Different types of food establishments should be treated differently when it comes to pest control. Restaurants, for instance, should have periodic checkups and regular total pest control.

Along with the health benefits, people simply don’t want to see pests when they’re eating! Even if they aren’t around any food areas, like when mice were found at an Auckland McDonalds in 2015, having them anywhere nearby can cause an uproar.Unfortunately, if they do appear, it’s a lot more work to remove them than it would have been to prevent them. If your industry involves food safety, make sure to follow pest control best practices and have regular inspections of your sites by qualified pest control experts. Our team of pest control experts have experiences and professional certifications to see the job done right. Give us a call today or contact us for a free quote for your home or business.