Water Blasting/Gutter Cleaning

Nexus Property Services offers water blasting and gutter cleaning in Southland. Our knowledgeable and prepared team ensures your property looks clean and tidy.

Safe, Effective Water Blasting

A water blaster can be ineffective or even dangerous when used by an untrained hand in the incorrect settings.

Our team is familiar with water blasters and knows how to use them safely and effectively for any building type. Keep your Southland property in pristine shape for you and your visitors.

Commercial or Residential

Water blasting is a job that can become quite complicated, especially if it’s been some time since it was last done. Dirt and grime can get stuck on and be too tough to remove with simple methods.

We have the right skills, equipment, and experience to handle residential water blasting, gutter cleaning, and commercial jobs that can be done at regular intervals.

SkyVac Gutter Cleaning

The SKyVac system allows us to clean gutters from ground level and watch progress with the attached camera to ensure we didn’t miss anything.

SkyVac allows for many advantages compared to traditional gutter cleanings, such as:

  • Easier setup
  • Faster debris extraction
  • Low injury rates
  • Ability to reach tough spots, including gutters up to 3 storeys high

Industrial Equipment

We utilize high-grade industrial equipment for water blasting and gutter cleaning to ensure exceptional results.

Specifically, our arsenal includes the SkyVac cleaning technology, which can eliminate persistent debris and enhance water flow. Moreover, we employ powerful water blasters machinery designed for efficient commercial property cleaning.