When should you paint your home exterior?

While you can have your home painted any time of year, the weather is an important factor for exterior painting. Rain that hits fresh paint will cause it to run off before it gets a chance to dry. Trying to paint in the rain would be a waste of time and money. So it’s important to wait until there are a stretch of dry days in the forecast.

We’ll need around 5-8 hours of no rain to complete a coat of paint on a home exterior. The actual amount the job will take depends on the material of your house, the size, shape, and accessibility to the outer walls. By the same token, high humidity is detrimental too as it adds extra moisture to the material. Overcast weather is good as long as it’s not expected to rain, as it tends not to be too hot or cold for the paint to apply and dry properly.

What time of year is best for painting houses?

Because weather is so important, we recommend getting your home exterior painted during the warmer months. Summer is the best time, but any of the Daylight Savings months are good options. You can try to get your home painted outside of these months, but even when there are several dry days in the forecast, you never know what will really happen with this Southland weather!

It’s important that the house exterior is completely dry before painting. This might take a day or two after a rain. Typically, if the footpath is dry, the house will be too. But it could help to check any shaded areas to make sure.

We use top-quality paint brands

One of the most important parts of having long-lasting, great looking exterior paint is the quality of the paints themselves. Not all brands are created equal. Cheaper paints might have a smaller initial price tag but they fade faster. They’re also prone to chips and wears and take longer to dry.

At Nexus, we think that it’s important that you get exterior painting that you’re happy with not only at first, but for long after the paint dries too. That’s why we use the best quality paint brands available including Wattyl, Resene, and Dulux. The quality of these paints have been proven time and time again and are excellent options for any home.

Our painting services are affordable, effective, and long-lasting. Your paint job will be done by experienced professionals who use the best paint and equipment for the job and work efficiency to minimise disruptions. To set up an appointment for exterior painting or one of our other services, give us a call or contact us today.