When is the best time to spray for spiders?

Most people don’t like having spiders around their property. But getting them one at a time on sight won’t stop any large infestations. Spider spraying is probably your most effective solution and can be done any time of the year. But when is the best time to spray for spiders to minimise the chance of them staying in your property?

Spider preferences

As a predator, many spiders prefer to lie in wait and have their prey come to them. Knowing a little bit about spiders can help you understand the best time to spray for spiders. Spiders look for a couple of things when searching for an ideal spot.

  • Somewhere undisturbed. You’ve probably found spiders in places like the garage or attic behind something that hasn’t been moved in some time. This is why they tend to be deep in corners and places you don’t regularly move. Having their own private area allows the spider to set up their webbing as they like with less risk of their setup being destroyed.
  • Places with a food source. Almost all spiders are carinvores exclusively and eat insects and other bugs. They trap other annoying pests like flies which is why they have a reputation for being helpful. Still, most people prefer not to have them in their home. Putting them outside may entice them to try to make a cobweb outside where there are more opportunities for food and they might not return.
  • Warm areas. Like many creatures, spiders like the warmth. This is another reason why they tend to be found in attics and warm, undisturbed areas. But you may have noticed that some properties have far fewer spiders in winter than other months.

Where do spiders go in the Winter?

If spiders prefer the warmth, why aren’t there more to be found in Winter? One reason is because many types of spiders have a type of freeze-resistant chemical in their bodies. This substance stops them from freezing in cold weather.

Other spiders hibernate for the winter while some enter a state of “light hibernation” called diapause. In this state, the body essentially pauses, with minimal activity and development that can allow the creature to last for several months. Many spiders that enter this state do so in a safe, hidden place, out of sight and high-traffic areas. Because of this, spraying for spiders in Winter may not be particularly effective because many species are already hidden away.

Best time to spray for spiders

If you want to maximise the effectiveness of your spider spray, the best time to spray for spiders is in early spring. If you spray while the weather is still starting to warm up, you can essentially make a protective barrier around your property. Spiders in deep hidden places won’t want to venture into the main areas of the property and the ones outside won’t be able to come in easily.

Professional spider spraying typically lasts for several months and is most effective when done at regular intervals. Ideally, you would want to have the initial spraying done in spray and then reapplication in 6-9 months to prevent spiders from getting into your property. If you’re looking to get spider spraying done for your Southland home or business, our professional team is experienced and makes sure to include safeguards for humans and pets. Give us a call or request a free quote by filling out the form below.