What is property maintenance?

Property maintenance is a catch-all term that includes everything that needs to be done to a property to keep it safe and up-to-code. Being proactive with property maintenance reduces the likelihood of a major failure later. While it can be time-consuming and have regular costs, these costs are usually significantly cheaper than the cost of a major fix later on. So what exactly is property maintenance and how does it differ for property owners and renters?

Property Maintenance Services

Since property maintenance is an umbrella term, it can cover many specific services. For some companies, it’s services like lawn care and gutter cleaning. For others, it includes electrical checkups and plumbing. Since it can mean so many different things you will probably be better off searching for the specific service instead.

Property maintenance for renters

One of the primary benefits of renting a home is not having to handle major property maintenance yourself. The landlord is responsible for making the dwelling safe and reasonably comfortable to live in. Recent updates to Healthy Home Standards have put concrete meanings behind what this means.

Renters are still responsible for minor maintenance as well as informing the landlord if a major issue happens. Renters can also be responsible for pest control depending on the circumstances.

Property maintenance for owners

For owners, there are many things that should be done regularly. A few maintenance tasks should be done at least annually. Some of these include:

General maintenance

One of the most common property maintenance services is general maintenance or handyman service. People will often search for something like “handyman service near me” when looking for repairs. But it’s not always clear what jobs fall under this category.

At Nexus, our general maintenance service is similar to what many handyman services offer such as:

  • Structural repairs. Damaged cabinetry, flooring, window replacement, wall repairs and more.
  • Appliance Installation. Installation of large or complex appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and water heaters.
  • Upgrades. Replacing extractor fans, putting in new cabinetry, or replacing doors, blinds, or curtains.

Our team can also handle large-scale renovations like whole room remodels or rental upgrades. For these, all broken, outdated, and obsolete items are removed and replaced. Rooms are also refreshed and repainted.

If you need property maintenance, get in touch with us by phone or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you with a free quote.