What are cluster flies and how can you stop them?

Cluster flies are a type of fly that live in New Zealand that look similar but are a different species than the common housefly. The main thing that sets them apart is their clustering behaviour. During autumn, they look for somewhere warm and gather in large clusters to endure the winter and reemerge once the weather warms.

Unfortunately, they can decide that your property is that perfect place to wait out the cold. In this article, we’ll include some tips to make your property less attractive for cluster flies, and what you can do if they decide to try to live out the season at your place.

Cluster flies and your property

While they don’t pose any significant health hazards to humans, cluster flies can still cause trouble in other ways. Adult flies leave an oily substance behind when they congregate and when they die. This substance contains pheromones that attract other flies, which can make pest control seem like a never-ending cycle.

Where do cluster flies like to group?

The flies tend to congregate at corners and dark, warm places at a property. Some commons spots you may find them include:

  • Ceiling Spaces. Ceiling spaces and attics are one of the most common places to find fly clusters. When the large cluster is out of sight, it can be challenging to find and kill them.
  • Behind Curtains. Curtains add extra warmth and a dark place away from high-traffic areas. Because of this, flies frequently decide to make their home there.
  • Cracks and crevices. Cracks and crevices are enticing to cluster flies, and if you don’t have them repaired or filled properly, you could find them filled with flies instead.

How can you prevent cluster flies?

Because of the pheromone they leave behind, once cluster flies get in, it can be extremely difficult to get them out. That’s why the best treatment is prevention. Here are some things you can try:

  • Checking around the home for flies frequently (especially during autumn) around the places mentioned above.
  • If you notice any flies there, you can try using a fly spray and see if that does the trick before the cluster becomes too large and attracts more flies.
  • Use fly spray around entrances to the property, including any holes or cracks where they could get in.
  • Regularly treat areas if you find any flies.

Cluster fly removal

If cluster flies do find their way into your property, it’s best to get them removed as soon as possible so that the cluster doesn’t increase in number. Bug bombs are an option if they’re in a single area, but they aren’t guaranteed to work.

The most effective treatment is to call a professional pest control company for help. At Nexus, we’re experienced with cluster fly removal and know the best ways to treat your property. We use a special chemical that kills on contact so that will quickly reduce and control the flies around your property. If you need help controlling cluster flies and want a solution that works, give us a call today.