The Advantages of Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is something that may seem straightforward to many people, and it is important to clean gutters regularly. The traditional way was to take out a ladder and a scoop, climb up the ladder, and scoop out any sludge, sediment, and debris and throw them out. Then, move the ladder down a little more and repeat. However, nowadays there is a much better way to clean gutters; using a vacuum. While it may sound unusual, vacuum gutter cleaning offers many advantages and is faster, safer, and more effective.

How does vacuum gutter cleaning work?

A vacuum gutter cleaner is a special vacuum that can reach up several stories while the operator stays on the ground. But just because the operator remains on the ground doesn’t mean they’re cleaning blind. The end of the vacuum has a camera with a real-time feed that transmits to the ground. This means that if there’s something strange like toys or birds up there, they won’t get vacuumed up along with the dirt and debris into the tank.

At Nexus, we use SkyVac, which claims to be the world’s most powerful gutter cleaning system. In our experience, it does the trick. The vacuum is more powerful than your typical household vacuum, with multiple industrial-strength vacuum motors that work on both wet and dry material. It comes with several attachments that can be swapped out in under a minute depending on what we see on the camera feed for an efficient clean.

Why SkyVac gutter cleaning?

There are many advantages to using the SkyVac gutter system. The benefits to you are that using vacuum gutter cleaning is safer, faster, and gives a better, more comprehensive clean.

Safer gutter cleaning

Safety is one of the main reasons to use SkyVac, which is significantly safer than using a ladder. There aren’t very many options for traditional gutter cleaning. One of the safer methods is to go up on a ladder, reach up to scoop a little out, then climb down and shift the ladder a little bit. This method is very time-consuming, and can be tricky for the 2nd floor and beyond, where it’s still quite dangerous.

With a SkyVac gutter system, the operator can keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. This means there is almost zero opportunity for injuries like slips and falls that are risks when going up to the roof to clean out the gutters. The ground is definitely safer than the roof!

Faster Gutter Cleaning

Not only is vacuum gutter cleaning safer, but it is much faster too. One of the quickest methods to do traditional gutter cleaning is to climb up on the roof and scoop out all the sediment and debris by hand, staying on the roof instead of a ladder. This is dangerous and can be especially tricky when working with a property that is more than one storey high.

Vacuum gutter cleaning, on the other hand, isn’t any more difficult when going up higher floors. Our SkyVac system can reach up to three storeys, all from the ground. Without having to change ladder heights or go up and down, a lot of time is saved on the job. Vacuuming is also much faster than hand-scooping too, as most of the work is done by the powerful motors.

Better Gutter Cleaning

Being faster and safer is important, but how effective is the vacuum gutter cleaning compared to conventional ways of cleaning gutters? It’s actually much faster, getting the job done in a fraction of the time. Besides all the time saved in setup and ladder adjustments, the attachments and motors of the SkyVac system are much more versatile than hand scooping.

SkyVac can lift out sediment, clear out sludge, pickup lost toys, and remove growing plants with ease. Even large clumps are no problem, as they can be lifted away and a shook off where they can fall to the ground.

Vacuum gutter cleaning is safer, faster, and better, and our experienced team will make sure that your gutter cleaning is done quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today to make an appointment.