How Much Does Water Blasting Cost?

Water blasting is an excellent way to clean up the exterior of your residential or commercial property. Because building sizes and specifications vary widely, you won’t be able to get an exact price without having somebody come by and take a look at your property. However, you can get an idea of how much water blasting will cost based on your property type.

Residential water blasting: From $200

Commercial water blasting: From $500

What are some of the factors that change the water blasting price?

There are several factors that can cause the price of water blasting to vary. One of the biggest is the size of the property. A larger property will cost more to do pressure washing than a smaller property. This is simply because there is a greater surface area to be done. Building design is also an important variable. A simple shape is easier to clean than an intricate design with several windows and architectural features.

The composition of the building is important as well. Concrete is easier to clean with water blasting than weatherside, for instance (which can be hard to water blast at all). Cladding that has holes also needs to be cleaned carefully, as getting water inside can cause long-term damage. All of these and more help determine water blasting cost.

What kind of water blasting services do you do?

At Nexus, we have a few different kinds of water blasting services we can do for your commercial or residential property. The primary service is using a high-pressure water blaster to clean any loose paint, dirt, grime, green slime, or dust that may have accumulated over time. This can be done on the building exterior itself, but can also be done to the walkway or driveway at the same time. Doing water blasting before painting increases the chance that the paint job will last.

We can also add building wash to the spraying mix. Building wash is a cleaning agent that cleans better than water alone and also has a sanitising element to kill bacteria and algae.

Another water blasting service we can do is using a pressure washing rotating disk to clean ground surfaces. This fast and efficient cleaner uses concentrated high-pressure water to clean caked-on dirt and grime quickly.

For more information about water blasting or to get your personalised quote, give us a call or contact us today. You can also see our water blasting on the job in the video below.