How much does gutter cleaning cost?

If your gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, they can clog. These clogs can cause all sorts of issues if left untreated, such as water damage. When possible, your gutters should be cleaned once a year. If you’re considering having a professional do the job for you, you might be wondering how much does gutter cleaning cost? It depends on the method the company uses and how they charge.

There are some variables that can affect the final price, such as the size of the property and the gutter cleaning method. Our gutter cleaning charges are as follows:

Invercargill Gutter Cleaning Costs

In Invercargill, gutter cleaning costs are approximately:

  • Residential Gutter Cleaning Cost: From $150
  • Commercial Gutter Cleaning Cost: From $300

What makes gutter cleaning costs go up?

Probably the biggest factor in the cost is the size of the structure. Larger homes and buildings tend to have more guttering. And the more guttering there is, the longer it takes to clean. Similarly, multi-story structures take longer to clean when they have gutters on more than one floor. This involves changing the length of the vacuum to adjust for the height differences.

Accessibility is another thing that can increase the price. If the company uses a ladder method some houses can take longer depending on how hard it is to get to the gutter. With a gutter cleaning method like SkyVac this isn’t as much of a problem. However, there can be some tricky situations with vacuum gutter cleaning too like if there isn’t much space between two levels of guttering. Having these areas may increase the cost of the job.

Finding major gutter issues

As part of cleaning the gutters, the technician will check the gutters to see if there are any major issues. They’ll search for cracks, improper gutter slope, breakage, and more. If they find any major issues it’s often best to have these addressed as soon as possible.

When possible, you should get your gutters cleaned twice per year. If it’s been some time since your last cleaning, now is a good time to have it done to decrease the chances of major issues later on.

Stubborn clogs

Significant clogs in gutters may be hard to remove. Occasionally, there may be a particularly difficult clog, such as one in the downspout. Sorting these kinds of clogs may take more time which can increase the cost of cleaning the gutters.

How much will gutter cleaning cost for my property?

If you want to know how much gutter cleaning will cost for your property specifically, fill out the form below to get a free gutter cleaning quote. The more information you include, the more accurate the quote will be. You can also call us for a quote if you’d like.