How do you clean the outside of gutters?

Keeping clean gutters is a good practice. If your guttering system gets clogged, it can lead to a host of other issues. It can even lead to catastrophic issues that can be costly to fix. Because of this, keeping the inside of gutters clean is in your best interest. But what about the outside of gutters? There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t neglect the outside of your gutters either.

Why do you need to clean the outside of gutters?

Cleaning the outside of gutters isn’t as important as stopping clogs. But there are still some good reasons to keep them clean.

  • Mould and organisms can grow there. Mould can cause numerous problems including some health concerns. On the outside of gutters, mould can find its way to the inside where it can multiply faster and spread, especially if there is standing water.
  • It helps with home aesthetics. Dirty, grimy gutters are unsightly and take away from your home aesthetics. This can be particularly important if you’re getting the home ready for sale, as sprucing up the outside of the gutters can make a noticeable difference.
  • There’s the potential for rust and other concerns. If ignored for long enough, metal gutters can rust and could become easily compromised.

Methods for cleaning outside of gutters

There are a few different ways you can clean the outside of your gutters, depending on the size of your house and the tools you have available.

Reaching the gutters

One of the most difficult parts of cleaning the outside of gutters is accessing them. While you can use a ladder to do so, there are easier and safer ways to clean the gutters.

Using a telescopic pole with a gutter brush can let you reach high surfaces from the ground. If you combine this with a powerful cleaning agent, you can get the outside of your gutters clean without having to step foot on a ladder.

For light cleanings, you may not have to use a brush at all. A good cleaner can get rid of light dirt and grime. Hose down nearby plants first and then spray the cleaner on the outside of the gutters. Let it sit for a few minutes and then spray it off with your garden hose. Sometimes, this will be enough to clean your gutter exteriors but it’s more likely to work with a good cleaning agent.

Choose the right cleaning agent

An important part of getting your gutter exteriors cleaned properly is using the right type of cleaner. There are several different options you can choose, such as:

  • Sugar soap is a low-cost and effective product that is safe for most surfaces. You have to dilute it yourself but it is relatively safe and cuts through dirt and grime. The only difficulty is that you need to create the mixture yourself as it comes as a concentrate.
  • An outdoor cleaner like 30 seconds Outdoor Cleaner is designed for this kind of job. It’s a biodegradable cleaner that can be sprayed on and cleaned off with a hose without scrubbing. For regular cleaning this may do the trick but if the gutters haven’t been cleaned in some time it may take some elbow grease too.
  • For a home remedy, you can try mixing water and white vinegar for a quick and easy clean. This mixture is safe for metal but not as powerful as other cleaning agents you can buy.
  • Use a water blaster. A water blaster can take off stuck-on grime and dirt, but be careful not to overdo it on the pressure if you do it yourself. Too much pressure can cause more damage instead of cleaning the gutters.

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