How do you clean gutters without a ladder?

Every house and business that has a gutter system should have those gutters cleaned out approximately every 2 years. However, ladders are a common way that New Zealanders get injured, with dozens of falls recorded each week and about 70% of those being from ladders and roofs. Wouldn’t it be better to clean gutters without a ladder?

Traditional gutter cleaning typically involves going up on a ladder, cleaning a section out, and then shifting the ladder to the next section. Or it involves climbing up on the roof to gain access to the gutters for cleaning. Both methods are not only slow, but dangerous. And if you’re keen to follow the recommended cleanings, that’s twice every year going up the ladder or on the roof to get the gutters clean.

Fortunately, recent advances in technology mean that you can get gutters clean quicker than ever before–and they can be done from the safety of the ground.

Cleaning gutters from ground level

The skyVac system is a revolutionary way to clean gutters safely and more efficiently. With skyVac, a powerful vacuum is attached to a long pole that can reach up to 3 floors high. The end of the vacuum has a camera, and the handle has a screen with a live feed. This means that the gutters can be checked and clean without stepping foot on a ladder.

Because the vacuum is so powerful, it can pickup even the most difficult clogs. It also comes with several attachments for different kinds of clogs like grass, debris, water, and large objects.

How much does skyVac gutter cleaning cost?

At Nexus, we’re always looking for ways to improve and do a better, more efficient job. That’s why we use the skyVac gutter vacuum to clean gutters. It allows us to work faster, safeter, and more effectively so that you can get thoroughly cleaned gutters with minimal disturbance.

Since skyVac is a newer technology you might think that using it costs more. But for us, the opposite is true. Because we can get the job done faster and easier, it means less work for us–and more savings for you.

For a Southland residential property, we can do skyVac gutter cleaning for as little as $150 + GST. That would be for a single-level home. The average gutter cleaning job costs about $250 + GST. This amount increases for larger, taller, more complicated homes and gutter systems. We can also do clean gutters for commercial properties either as a one-off or recurring service.

To find out more, you can read our article about skyVac or you can get in touch with us now to request a free quote.