Does water blasting clean houses?

Water blasting is a method of cleaning that involves using high-pressure water to remove debris, dirt, and other particles off of surfaces. Because the water is shot out at such a high speed in a thin, pressurised stream, it’s able to remove these stuck-on debris that water typically wouldn’t affect at all. So can water blasting clean houses?

The short answer is yes, a water blaster is an excellent tool for cleaning a home exterior. However, it’s important to use it properly, or it will be ineffective; or even damaging to the house.

Getting the water blaster pressure right

A high-pressure washer seems relatively easy to operate. There’s an engine connected to a spray gun that gives the necessary power. Then there are controls for pressure and the angle of spray. A wider angle covers more area at once and a narrow angle is more powerful and precise.

The challenge is knowing what pressure to use. Different materials require different pressures because of their makeup. Concrete, for instance, is much different from weatherboard. Things stick to it differently and come off differently. This means that the water pressure and angle need to be adjusted accordingly.

Getting the wrong pressure might simply mean the surface doesn’t get as clean as it could. But if it’s too high, it can cause damage to the surface. This can be particularly problematic for houses. If you damage the cladding and don’t fix it properly, water or pests could get inside. These can cause long-term damage without pest control or professional cladding repair.

Use detergents to help water blasting clean houses

Water blasting alone is a powerful tool for cleaning. But adding in detergents brings a higher level of clean. Many water blasting units have a tank to add a cleaner. This cleaner will mix with the water to form a combination that knocks away grime and cleans at the same time.

If you’re looking to clean your house with a power washer, we recommend using a detergent if you looking for a better quality clean. Make sure to check that the cleaner you use will work for the material on your house and to mix it in at the appropriate amounts if you do it yourself. Or get in touch with us for our water blasting service and we’ll make sure it’s done right.

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