Trapper T-Rex Trap for Rats

Trapper T-Rex Trap for Rats

Introducing the Trapper T-Rex Trap, a revolutionary reusable snap trap explicitly designed for rats. With its patented interlocking teeth, this trap ensures an unbreakable grip once a rat is caught, making it the ultimate solution for reliable rodent control. Safety and convenience are prioritized, as this trap allows effortless hand setting and seamless fitting into various bait stations.

Crafted from high-impact plastic, the Trapper T-Rex Trap guarantees exceptional durability and longevity, as it is impervious to rust. It is built to withstand the rigours of prolonged use, consistently delivering reliable performance whenever needed.

What sets this trap apart is its removable bait cup, which allows for full servicing without the need for resetting. This feature significantly enhances maintenance safety and user convenience.

The Trapper T-Rex Trap offers an exceptional, user-friendly, and reusable solution for rat control. It surpasses traditional snap traps in terms of effectiveness and ease of use, making it the perfect choice for those who are tired of dealing with persistent rat problems.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of ineffective traps and welcome the advanced technology of the T-Rex Trap. Take control of your rodent infestation and enjoy peace of mind with this innovative, reliable and reusable solution.



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