What are the best rat traps in NZ?

Winter season is a popular time for rats to appear in many parts of New Zealand. Just like with people, rats don’t care much for the cold either! If you have rats at your property or want to reduce the chance of them getting inside, choosing the right rat trap is ideal. Here are some of the best rat traps in NZ that can make quick work of rat problems.

Snap Traps

Snap traps are traditional rat traps that are spring-loaded. When the rat steps into the trap–usually enticed by bait–the traps snap quickly and kill the rodent quickly and humanely. However, not all snap traps are created equal. Some of the cheaper ones are slow, might not set off properly, or aren’t strong enough to kill the rat quickly.

Best Snap Trap: Trapper T-Rex Trap for Rats

Our top choice for snap traps, the Trapper T-Rex Trap for Rats is affordable, effective, and easy to use. The Trapper T-Rex Trap for Rats has patented, interlocking teeth. This makes escape nearly impossible. The high-quality plastic remains effective in all weather conditions as it doesn’t rust. The trap includes a removable bait trap so it can be used with or without baits.

Bait Stations

Bait stations are enclosed cases that hold bait inside of them. Typically, the bait inside is highly-concentrated poison like Contrac Rodent Bait Blocks which can be toxic to people and pets. Good-quality bait stations are designed so that the opening is too small for dogs and cats. They also aren’t easy to open so toddlers won’t be able to open them by accident. When combined with a high-quality bait, the rat will eat the bait inside the bait station, then go back to the nest where it will die.

Best Bait Station: Protecta Evo Ambush Rat Bait Station

The Protecta Evo Ambush Rat Bait Station is solidly built and the perfect size to set around your property. It’s large enough that the largest rats can fit inside but small enough to place discreetly with a sleek, clean look. One of the most important features is the tamper-resistant locking mechanism. It can only be open with a special key that comes with it so that the bait won’t spill out by accident. The bait station matches well with the Trapper T-Rex Trap for Rats or can also hold four 28-gram bait blocks.

Electric Rat Traps

Electric rat traps work differently than snap traps and bait stations. They use a powerful electric shock to quickly and humanely kill the rodent. Many of these traps let you know when the trap is full so you can remove the rat, and then recharges for the next one. These kinds of traps work well when you don’t want to check the trap regularly and some can kill up to 50 rats on one set of batteries.

Best Electric Rat Trap: Instakil Electronic Rat and Mouse Zapper

A powerful electric rat trap, the Instakil Electronic Rat and Mouse Zapper uses smart circuitry to release the powerful charge to humanely kill rats. These operate on 4 D-size batteries and are portable and cordless which allows them to be placed anywhere. The trap is safe for people and pets and uses no springs or poisons. There is a LED indicator light to tell you when a rodent is in the kill chamber. The batteries typically hold enough charge to kill 10 to 20 rodents before needing to be replaced.

What about non-lethal options?

If you want a non-lethal way of removing rats, you may be interested in our article Non-lethal pest control options for rodents.

What if none of these rat traps are effective?

Sometimes, even the best traps can’t beat a rat infestation. This can be due to various reasons but often comes back to not being able to stop the source. It can also be due to an opening on your property that isn’t properly sealed.

In these cases, even the best rat traps in NZ might not be enough. Instead, your best option is to work with an experienced pest control team. At Nexus Property Services, our qualified team has been doing pest control for several years. We’re experts in taking care of pests in the Southland region and can help get rid of rats and reduce the likelihood of them coming back. Give us a call or fill out the form below to get a free quote for pest control for rats or other pests.