What are rodents attracted to?

Like most animals, rodents behave on instinct. And the most important instinct of all is their survival instinct. Rodents want to be somewhere where they’re warm, safe, and have plenty of food. This means that the main things they are attracted to are suitable shelters and a source of food that sustains them. So what are rodents attracted to for food and shelter?

Ideal shelters for rodents

Rodents like to live in environments that are warm, protected, and near food and water. Unfortunately, this means that residences are an area they thrive in. If you do find mice or rats in your home, chances are that they aren’t making their main home out in the open in your living spaces because they’re too exposed. Instead, they’ll look to make their home in a low-traffic area.

Because of this, the nests will be in out-of-the-way areas. Attics and crawlspaces are a common place for them to end up. Garages are also a popular spot, especially if the garage is used for storage and items aren’t moved around often.

Rodents can also find their way into the walls and getting them out from there can be a challenge. Be especially careful of this during the cold months as they’ll be looking for a place to stay warm. In the walls, they can chew through wires which can be dangerous for the house–and for the rodent. It’s ideal to do get them out as soon as possible if you notice they start making their way in the walls. And a good place to start is eliminating their food supply rodents are attracted to.

Food rats and mice like

Experts claim that rats enjoy experimenting with food. They’ll try new things that seem appealing to them. So removing one source of food might not be enough. Anything that might be appealing to them should be stored in an airtight container. Moving bagged foods into plastic containers can prevent rodents from making holes in the bag to get to the food.

Rodents will eat many types of food including cheese, cereals, fruit and berries, and even some kinds of traps. One of the most appealing foods for rats is peanut butter. Peanut butter is so effective, many people claim that synthetic baits designed to attract rodents don’t work as well as a glob of peanut butter. If you’re concerned about rats and you have peanut butter around, make sure that it’s sealed tight and clean up any spills immediately.

Without a food source, over time the rodents will make their way somewhere where they have something to eat. If that isn’t available in your property, they may make their way elsewhere. But what if you’ve removed their source of food and they’re still around?

How do you get rid of rodents?

Without a source of food or shelter, eventually mice and rats will look for a new place to settle. Rat traps and bait stations combined with removing food options often makes for effective rodent control. You can even use non-lethal rodent traps if you prefer to capture them alive and release them back to the wild. However, if you go this route it’s often better to release them far away, otherwise they may return to where they know they have food and shelter.

If home solutions aren’t working, you may need to enlist the help of a pest controller for total pest control. Our professional team at Nexus is happy to help. We know what rodents are attracted to and can help you get rid of the rodents on your property and minimise the chances of them coming back. Contact us today to get your free quote.