Non-lethal pest control options for rodents

Most people agree that they don’t want rodents in or around their property. But what about dealing with them once they do make your home their own? Some people prefer to exterminate them once and for all. Bait stations and traps work excellently for this. Other people prefer a non-lethal pest control option.

There are several alternatives to lethal traps for rodents, but which ones are effective?

Electronic Pest Control

A new, trendy type of humane pest control is electronic pest control. These work by emitting supersonic waves that are imperceptible to humans but which are meant to be extremely irritating for pests, or by altering nearby electromagnetic fields to an uncomfortable level. They also claim not to affect humans or domestic pets in any way.

The effectiveness of electronic pest control is still up for debate. Overall, they seem to work best when combined with an additional method of pest control. We have more information in our blog, Does electronic pest control work?

Odour repellents

Rodents, like many types of animals, rely heavily on scents. They also have a stronger sense of smell than humans. This means scents can work to your advantage. Some people claim that mothballs, peppermint oil, and garlic work to repel rats, but none of these are a guarantee. However, odour repellents are easy to try for yourself to see if they’ll work for your situation.

Humane Traps

The most common way to get rid of rodents without killing them is by using humane traps. There are a few different styles of humane mice and rat traps, but most work in the same basic way; the animal is lured into the trap, and a mechanism locks them in without hurting them.

Putting the traps around areas where rodents have been sighted can work if they happen to wander inside. However, on their own, they aren’t likely to be effective. Pairing them with bait to attract mice and rats significantly raises their effectiveness. But it’s important to make sure the bait isn’t deadly!

Baits for non-lethal traps

Many of the most potent baits that are widely available also have a lethal component to them. Since this defeats the purpose of humane traps your ideal option is one that still attracts the rodents but won’t hurt them. There are a few different options for these baits.

Household food is a solid option. One of the main reasons rodents stick around is because they found a source of food. You can use this to your advantage. Some foods that rodents tend to like include cereals, meats, and peanut butter. Of these, peanut butter is used the most often and is a good option.

Chemical baits designed to attract rodents can work extremely well. These can be difficult to find however. Make sure that the bottle says non-toxic or non-lethal because “humane” is sometimes used in the industry to mean it kills quickly.

Effective rodent traps

If you’re looking for humane traps, there are many retailers around New Zealand who have these kinds of traps. As mentioned above, make sure to check thoroughly to ensure that they don’t kill the rodent if that’s your goal, as “humane” is used for quick-killing products often in NZ.

If you’re looking for humane traps that kill quickly instead of being non-lethal, take a look at our shop. We have several bait stations and baits that work quickly and are effective against rodents. Or feel free to get in touch with us to get a free quote for professional pest control.