How much does commercial pest control cost?

Most people would agree that it’s not ideal to have pests on the property. Besides being an annoyance, they can also cause damage over time, especially pests like rodents and borer. For a business, pests are even more troublesome. In the worst case, they can even cause the business to shut down temporarily or permanently. If you have a business, you may have asked about how much commercial pest control costs.

The cost of commercial pest control in NZ varies widely depending on the type and size of the property. However, you can expect commercial pest control to cost from $500 for a comprehensive treatment.

What does the commercial pest control cost include?

A typical pest control provider does more than simply set up some traps and leave, especially for commercial jobs. Your treatment will likely consist of inspections, treatment, and then a follow-up plan.


The first step is to inspect the property so how widespread the issue is. Professional pest controllers know the telltale signs of different pests and where they tend to hide. They can also find potential infiltration points and help you close them up. The fewer ways that pests have to get inside, the less likely they’ll keep trying.

Depending on the pest you’re dealing with, it might also be important to find and remove the nest. The baits and sprays will often take care of these when using a high-end product but if any are in accessible areas those will be removed as well.

From the results of the inspection, your pest control team will move on to treatment. Larger properties that require more comprehensive inspections take more time to complete, and so will typically increase the total cost.


The type of treatment will depend on what was found during the initial inspection. While the treatments for rodents for instance will generally stay the same for different properties, the inspection might find other remedies that the property needs.

For example, if your property has rats, the inspection might have found that there are holes in the building’s cladding where the rats get inside. Setting traps and poison baits might kill the current group, but you’ll likely have more to deal with down the line. To maximise the long-term chance of success, your treatment plan might include repairing that cladding. Sometimes the pest control team also does services like general maintenance and if not, can refer you to someone who can help.

Additional levels of treatment will increase your commercial pest control cost. This may include recommended updates that are up to you to decide whether to undertake or not. However, following the recommendations will give you the best chance of the pest coming back long term.

Follow-up Plan

Oftentimes pest controllers will recommend follow-up services a few months down the road to make sure that pests don’t come back. This follow-up isn’t required for homes but is highly recommended.

On the other hand, businesses, especially in industries like rest homes and food, should definitely have a plan in place. Pests can be extremely detrimental in industries like these and a proper pest control plan can stop infestations before they happen. Usually you can work out a schedule for follow-up treatments with the team. But keep in mind that more frequent visits will add to the commercial pest control cost.

How do I find cost of commercial pest control for my business?

The best way to get accurate commercial pest control costs is to get in touch with your local team. Let them know what kinds of pests you’re dealing with. Then they can come by, inspect the premises, and develop a plan of action.

Or if you don’t have any pests but simply want peace of mind, you can get in touch for preemptive pest control. Setting up a plan for pests you are at high risk of but don’t have yet will reduce your overall costs and can minimise the chance of an infestation later on.

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