How can you keep rest homes pest-free?

As healthcare facilities, it is important that rest homes remain pest-free. Not only are pests a nuisance, but they can carry infection and disease as well. This is particularly problematic in vulnerable communities such as rest homes.

There are a few common pests that pop up regularly in rest homes. If you see a spider or a fly you can definitely use whatever means you have available to handle it. However, infestations are a health hazard and should be addressed immediately by a professional pest controller.

A good way to get in front of the problem is to have recurring pest control services at regular intervals. This preemptive action should stop any large groups of pests from getting in. A good pest control team can do many services for rest homes, either periodic or as a one-off.

Stopping rodents in rest homes

Rodents can be a major concern on any property, and more so for rest homes. There are several options when it comes to rodents.

Rodent Traps

There are a few different kinds of traps depending on the kind of removal that the rest home is looking for. Traditional traps work quickly to kill the animal. Humane traps are another option, where the rodent is caught and then released out into the wild. There is the possibility of them returning, so it’s important to remove what attracted them there in the first place when using this method.

Baits and poisons for rodents

Baits and poisons are very effective for rodents, more than having traps on their own. Some traps allow for these potent baits to be used with them. With these, the rodent is attracted by the bait and then the trap takes care of them. Many of these poisons work well on their own, however, so traps aren’t needed. Either way, using a bait station is a good practice for holding the traps and baits.

Bait stations

Bait stations are small, enclosed hubs that use rodent traps and/or baits. They are inconspicuous, fit in many places, and contain the baits and/or traps. One of the benefits is that they can only be opened with the key that comes with them. This means visitors or residents can’t open them by accident. They can also double as a container to store the body for easy disposal.

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Insects and bugs extermination for rest homes

Another common protection we offer for rest homes is regular inspections and pest control for insects, bugs, and spiders. Spraying is the primary way to control insects and bugs, although bug zappers and other treatments can be an additional safeguard.

However, prevention is the best way to stay on top of pests. For rest homes and healthcare facilities, we recommend having a set pest control schedule and have it professionally done every month or every other month. This should ensure that no pests have the opportunity to get in.

It’s important to work with a company that is experienced in rest homes and knows how to handle the unique challenges they face. The job should be done quickly, precisely, and effectively, and target the common bugs, insects, and spiders that are typically found in rest homes.

Nexus does pest control for rest homes and more

If you run a rest home and are interested in working with a professional pest control service, our experienced team at Nexus can help. We can work with you for a one-off job or schedule regular pest services to maximise the effectiveness. Not only can we do this for rest homes, but for any other business and even residences. To find out more, get in touch to get your free quote now.