Does water blasting damage your house?

Water blasting is the process of using high-pressure water streams to remove dirt, grime, and debris from the cladding and roofs of houses. It can also be used to clean driveways and footpaths that are made from materials like asphalt and concrete. High-pressure water cleaning is one of the most effective ways to clean these kinds of surfaces. How does water blasting work, and if it is so effective, can it damage your house in the process?

How does water blasting work?

Water blasting uses a thin stream of water travelling at a very high speed to blast away mud, dirt, and other debris. An electric motor (or gas engine in larger units) propel the water at speeds of 200-400 KM/H out the nozzle. Those speeds drastically decrease over distance, meaning that the closer you are to the surface that you’re cleaning, the more powerful and concentrated the blast will be.

At high speeds and pressure, the water is able to forcefully remove things like moss, dirt, fungi, and more. And because it’s only water, at the right pressure, it won’t cause any long-term damage. However, getting that pressure just right is very important.

Too much pressure can damage your house

You won’t have much risk of damaging your house materials when you have a professional water blaster do the work for you. But if you’re thinking of hiring a unit yourself, you could run that risk if you use too much pressure.

The goal of water blasting is to find the right amount of pressure so that you can remove anything unwanted that’s stuck to the material, but don’t damage the material itself. Too high of a pressure can damage or even make holes in the cladding. It can cause damage that can leave you with a costly repair job. Too much pressure can also erode away the surface of the material. The erosion might not seem obvious to notice straight away, so always double-check the ideal water pressure range for the material you’ll be cleaning before starting work.

Is regular water blasting good or bad for your house?

When done properly, regular water blasting can help your house look clean, and adding building wash can also have the added benefits of a sanitising agent too. Water blasting a few times a year is fine for most normal homes and can keep the property looking pristine.

However, it’s important that the water blasting is done correctly. Along with using correct pressure, the property must also be in good enough condition for the job to begin with. Cladding that already has holes in places already, for instance, can have this damage exacerbated with water blasting. Water can also penetrate and get into the home, possibly causing damage and providing an environment for mould growth.

Done right though, pressure washing is a very beneficial service. Water blasting is also helpful before adding fresh paint, such as for home exterior painting. Doing this can remove anything that will stop the paint from adhering properly. This includes paint flakes from the previous paint job. Proper water blasting will ensure that the new paint will last for longer and continue to look new and fresh.

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