Total Pest Control

Nexus Property Services are the local experts for pest control in Southland. With over ten years of experience, our certified pest control professionals are equipped to handle pests such as rats, spiders, bugs, bees, and more while providing top-quality service.

Pests generally stay in an area because the area has the resources that they are in need of. Needs such as shelter, food, water, and security are some of the reasons pests may be found on your property. By reducing these elements around the property, there is a reduced chance that pests will try to make a home there. However, if you already have pests, you should call us for pest removal.

Comprehensive pest removal

Our pest control services include the elimination of pests throughout your property. We can get rid of several common pests, including:

  • Flying insects including flies, wasps and bees.
  • Spiders along with their nests.
  • Small rodents like rats and mice.
  • Other pests can most likely also be handled by our crew. Give us a call with the description and we’ll see what we can do.

We do one-off and periodic pest control

If you have a business, you may need regular pest control to stay in compliance, a service we are qualified to perform for you. For residential properties and businesses in certain industries, a one-off service may be enough. But you can also opt for regular, periodic pest spraying as well if you need to be sure your property remains pest free.

We’ll recommend what we think is appropriate once we do a pest control assessment and determine what pest extermination services would be best for you. For more information or to schedule a visit from one of our pest control specialists in Southland, give us a call or contact us today.